Veteran’s Community Project FAQ

Project Overview

Veterans Village – Veterans Village is a transitional housing community of 50 tiny homes and onsite services to provide housing stability and treat the underlying causes of homelessness.  While living at Veterans Village, individuals receive numerous onsite social services to address the root causes of homelessness.  The Village is located at 1201 East 89th Street in Kansas City.

Veterans Outreach Center – The Veterans Outreach Center provides services to all Veterans and operates as headquarters for the VCP staff.  Veteran services include but are not limited to, immediate transportation, employment, legal services, and advocacy.  The Outreach Center is located at 8900 Troost in Kansas City.

Veterans Construction Project – To create a self-sustaining Veterans Village, Veterans Construction Project will employ homeless Veterans to build various custom-made structures (tiny homes, sheds, and greenhouses).  Proceed from the sale of these items are reinvested into VCP’s programs and services

How long can a Veteran stay in Veterans Village?

Veterans Community Project (VCP) will move at the Veteran’s pace.  Each Veteran will have a program designed to meet their specific need(s). A Veteran is welcome to stay in Veterans Village if they continue to make progress in their program and toward their transition out of Veterans Village.  VCP has set an internal goal of successfully transitioning Veterans out in 18 months or less.

What social services will VCP be providing to the Veterans?

General Veteran advocacy, outreach services, identification issues, financial counseling, discharge upgrades, disability, various mental and physical health services, substance abuse treatment, independent living skills, gardening classes, cooking classes, case management, veterinary services, transition services, homeless prevention services, and mentoring services.

How many square feet are the homes?

Each home is 240 square feet. Each home is built on a concrete foundation and meets coding requirements of new construction. Homes connect to city sewer, water, and electric services.

How many homes are you planning to build?

VCP will build 50 tiny houses on the property. However, homes are built in phases of 10 to allow VCP to adjust social services programs.

VCP will compliment not compete with existing services and welcomes community partners to Veterans Village to provide their services to Veterans. At the heart of Veterans Community Project is a belief in community. Through the power of community, VCP will provide Veterans the tools necessary to achieve a stable and prosperous civilian life.